Treasures of Spigno – July 18th, 2015

And here we are among Spigno’s treasures.

Last July 18th along a beautiful tree-lined street we made our first experience in selling our agricultural products into the local market.

I più belli ....

Plums “ramassin”, very typical of our region, apples of Saint John, sweet strawberries and fragrant herbs. Besides the calming linden and the deep blue lavender in bunches or small bags.


Mele di San Giovanni

Sacchetti di lavanda

You did not attend? Pity.  So, now, you have a good excuse to come to Villa Cheti and visit us on another occasion.

Our ProLoco worked hard to organize this day dedicated to the discovery of Spigno. We also had the pleasure of having Paolo Massobrio, the famous food and wine reviewer, presenting one of our food specialty a typical pasta dish: “Tajarin with rabbit sauce” perfectly cooked in a live demonstration by Piera of Regina Restaurant.

Furthermore, an urban trekking to discover the town’s history.  This guided tour is very interesting and can be done, upon reservation, all along the year and in English language too!

Besides, many local producers presenting their specialties!  Really wonderful.

So, it is just the beginning.  We wait for you also next year for a new experience.