5 Towers Hiking

Sunday, May 8,  go for a ride … the one of the 5 towers. This ride arrived at its 14th edition. In the section of my website  Perfumes, Panorama and Colors I quoted the watch towers and here it is a great opportunity to enjoy these beautiful landscapes.

giro delle 5 torri programma 2016

The program includes a long ride that starts at 8:00 from Monastero Bormida in the Castle Square and runs for about 30 kilometers for about 8-9 hours.

The short tour leaves at 9:30 from the square of San Giorgio Scarampi for a distance of approximately 18 km arriving at Monastero Bormida after about 5-6 hours of walking.

The program includes 4 “pit-stop” to help and refresh:

    [List_item icon = “glass”] in San Giorgio Scarampi [/ list_item]
    [List_item icon = “glass”] in Olmo Gentile [/ list_item]
    [List_item icon = “glass”] in Roccaverano [/ list_item]
    [List_item icon = “glass”] to Vengore Tower [/ list_item]
    [/ List]

    If you need more detailed information you can rely on the C.A.I. site Asti and good hike!