October the month of saffron

Today I had decided to rest a little. The last few weeks have been quite tiring and I wanted a morning of “nothing to do” but …. nature decided for me and I had to pick …. my saffron flowers ….


In the month where leaves fall down and everything goes dry, what a beauty to see this field full of these miraculous purple flowers. I am almost sorry to have to collect them!











Also because collecting them one by one with my own hands is somewhat tiring and less poetic. Strictly handmade pistils must be picked just after flowers collection. So, you’ll imagine what I’ve been through this Sunday … submerged by saffron flowers and inebriated by their perfume, now looking for two new fingers …









Nevertheless, to be aware of their benefits for our health and well-being and all the fantastic recipes you can cook I feel fully satisfied of this long day.