September, 2015 in Spigno Monferrato

And here we are, September and its festivals to celebrate the end of this summer time.

As every year Spigno Monferrato concentrates many events in 4 days as scheduled here above.  A new entry on Sunday 27th … surprise…

Today the market of antiques and the art in the village (this last until September 8th).

Last year, the art in the village, was a great surprise.  Spigno Monferrato has turned into a small museum. Artworks,  outside all along the streets and squares and inside in unexpected locations such as former slaughterhouse and the attached apartment. Great Artists. Lovely!

Artisti a Spigno 2014

Artisti a Spigno 2014 (3)Artisti a Spigno 2014 (4)

These above are some of the artworks of last year. Just a quick “bite”. What about this year?  We will see, I’m really curious.

Monday evening a lyric concert in the churchyard of St. Ambrose of Japanese Soprano Megumi Akanuma and at the piano Benedetto Spingardi Merialdi, absolutely not to be missed!

Furthermore lots of music, games, food and great wines, and a very special “snack” the “merenda sinoira”. It is a real good experience.

Then, after  all these celebrations some fitness … the spignese trekking on Sunday 27th at 8 in the morning: hiking, walking, mountain biking or horseback.

So, enjoy and see you around in Spigno!